Ultra Warriors

If you haven’t looked at super soldiers, I would advise you to look there first, so you can follow these pages in order.

Super soldiers are trained in combat, survival, assassination, sabotage, critical planning, advanced planning, disguises, and much more. They are trained in meditation, and using higher states of consciousness, to control bodymind functions, and to utilize higher states of consciousness, for warfare, healing, self-healing and muddying the water around themselves, so no one can get close.

One instant of this, a recent development, I believe, is the splitting of Duncan and Axe, from the truth warrior, Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. This is breakdownof any friendship, and force the friend away.

Now, what does an Ultra Warrior do, it would seem the super soldier does it all, but they do it by memory, and repetition, they train to do things, because they’re triggered to do so, the Ultra Warrior doesn’t do anything, unless they understand all the ramifications, and feel it is the right thing for them to do.

Ultra Warriors are guided to all sorts of abilities, skills, and talents, through mental imprintation, which puts not only the knowledge they want, or is wanted- for them, but does so in a way, that it becomes as natural to them as breathing.

Special people, aliens, etc., are brought in, who have special talents, skills and abilities, and mind wraps are created and the Ultra Warrior, duplicates all of these special abilities, skills and talents, for short term or for long term operational readiness.

The most brilliant minds are brought in, or the Ultra Warrior is taken to them, in their time, or location space, and the mind wrap is done, in agreement with subject, or not. Ultra Warriors, do mind wraps themselves, once they are given the technique. This technique is brought to them directly from ETs, and the contracts they have with human governments.

Psychics are brought in, who can see what is missing in their training, and theytell the handlers what their charges need, then the handlers get the personnel, to duplicate the talents needed.

All Ultra Warriors are psi-ops trained, and are extremely talented in these areas, and these talents abilities and skills, are enhanced by neural nets, not as extensive as the ETs, but just enough to help them with their visualizations, critical thinking and actions.

Eastern gurus, western gurus are brought in, along with any other spiritual path, who has something which will make the Ultra Warrior into the single, whole, deadly assassin, warrior, any government would love to have in their corner.

MJ12 have these programs in every country in the world. They handle all contact with the ETs, and are the sculptors of the Super Soldiers, Ultra Warriors, Dragons and Makers.

Handlers try to keep their charges from being influenced by philosophers, truth seekers, truth warriors, and anyone who looks to find the truth of actions, and simply doesn’t take the authoritative overplan, on each activities, etc., that they are told.

The last trainers of Ultra Warriors are the indigenous tribes of Indians, down under indians, and other tribes around the world, and off world.

Ultra Warriors are given rights to very low level off planet travel, but only for training purposes. They are taught and trained in how to use all the off planet travel apparatuses found all over the world.

Super Soldiers are paired, but the pairing doesn’t last long, and they go working on their own, or in networks, if more than one is needed, this is taken from the Texas Rangers; Ultra Warriors find their opposites, and the pairing is permanent.

Ultra Warriors, are shown assignments and they choose their own.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!